WHAT IS YOUR #YOUniquePiece?

[YOU] the individual     [nique] you are unique, one of a kind     [Piece] your part in the world




The YOUnique Piece is a community that teaches leaders how to unlock their younique potential.




We connect our YOUnique Piece audience with identified, accomplished leaders who share their core values, belief systems and how they impact the world through training, leading and loving. This information exchange allows relatable content to inspire, help discover your "why" and commit to a purposeful life goal.



YOuR CHALLENGE: What is your YOUnique Piece?

[What is your life purpose and how are you sharing that with the world we live in today?] 

Followed by a giving back strategy of 'Pay It Forward' where our community members share their development story to give back and help lead our global community.


About Ben Kenyon

I'm an NBA Performance coach, founder of the YOUnique Piece, Lululemon ambassador, tri-athlete, inspired leader and advocate of purposeful movement. My mission in life is to continuously learn, serve others and enjoy the journey.