MEet the team


BEN KENYON | founder + ceo

A true change agent, Ben Kenyon is a Performance Coach for the Portland Trail Blazers and CEO of The YOUnique Piece, an organization founded to empower leaders to unlock their unique potential. Whether in the weight room, boardroom, on stage or on a basketball court, people love Ben’s enthusiasm, passion and optimistic mindset. He is notorious for motivating and coaching some of the world’s best executives, athletes and leaders across the world through the ever-changing journey of success. As a Leadership expert and international speaker, Ben teaches people the importance of owning your own unique values to empower themselves, and others around them, to improve at work, home and life.

CATHEY ARMILLAs | leadership performance coach

Cathey Armillas evolved into a highly sought-after leadership and persuasion coach from her years as a marketing strategist and leadership trainer. After the release of her award-winning book, The Unbreakable Rules of Marketing, she was invited by marketing and business organizations all over the world to teach people how to apply the Unbreakable Rules not just to marketing, but to their personal lives too. This led to TEDx Talks and, inevitably, to the genesis of the How to Rock a TED Talk program..



RAJIV HARRY | leadership performance coach

A wellness influencer, Rajiv Harry got his start as a health and wellness expert teaching a holistic approach to life through mindfulness, fitness and nutrition. This journey led him into the leadership space where he currently trains executives and teams on the importance of leadership. He is the founder of his own personal lifestyle brand whose mantra is to “Embrace Change”.